If you are excited about our mission of becoming the leading platform for programmable liquidity, and we would love to hear more on how you, as an active community member, could help Balancer achieve this vision.

Please get involved in our Discord and check our regular community updates. Moreover, follow up on all the current discussions and proposals through our forum.

Onboarding @ Balancer

  1. Balancer’s long term success depends entirely on the success of the protocols and products built on top of it. Read up on the shared vision for the Balancer protocol to get an overview of how the Balancer ecosystem can grow.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the way the Balancer DAO works by understanding [BIP-01], the operating framework proposal.
  3. Read up on latest topics on the Balancer DAOs Discord and Balancer Forum. Much of the participation can be derived from those.
  4. See which mode of contribution fits your personal preferences. At Balancer DAO there are multiple ways to bring the protocol forward. Everyone contributing and adding value to Balancer DAO should be rewarded in a way that makes them feel appreciated.

Lastly, we have this TypeForm or you to get in with the Balancer Maxis and share your ideas. It is not mandatory, but we intend to help you navigate, while improving our chances of successfully retaining contributors to our ecosystem.