There are certain timelines that those working on BD at Balancer should be aware of

  1. Governance (incl gauge proposals)

    1. Votes get queued up on snapshot Thursday to begin on friday, all votes should be on the forum by wednesday.

    2. Votes occur friday-monday and get queued up on the multisig typically monday afternoon

    3. Execution usually happens ~wednesday

    4. Gauge timelines

      1. veBAL emissions activate every thursday 00:00 UTC
      2. vlAura votes happen every 2 weeks and run typically friday-monday
        1. vlAura gauge weights are submitted through the protocol multisig around monday-wednesday prior to vebal emissions activating on thursday
      3. All hidden hand incentives should be up ideally days before the vlaura vote begins, to make sure all voters recognize the opportunity. late incentives are typically heavily punished
      4. Gauges not on mainnet do not receive rewards on the same timeline as mainnet gauges; they are delayed one week due to bridging.
    5. Rate providers

      1. All new rate providers must be reviewed by 2 blab devs. This can take possibly a week or more. A pool should not go live with incentives until this review occurs. Reach out to @Z_Dragon or trit to coordinate

    (said on 2/13) Aura voting would end this coming Monday to my knowledge, and rewards for mainnet pools would start Thursday the 22nd for a two week duration.


    Example timeline for new pool